Stories of Health

Native American families have a history of strength, culture and resilience. The key to health is with our ancestors who have lived strong and healthy lives for thousands of years. With each story of health, we learn how individuals and families stay healthy and strong. Our cultural strengths and traditions like gardening, traditional dancing, harvesting wild foods and so much more are key. We hope these stories inspire and encourage you to share cultural ways and traditions that help you and your family stay strong in mind, body and spirit.


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Electa Hare-RedCorn
Pawnee and Ihanktowan Dakota …

Eagle Adventure

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Shon McCage
Chickasaw …

Disc Golf

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Jeremy Fields
Crow, Pawnee and Chickasaw …

Martial Arts

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Sterlin Brown Harjo Sr.
Seminole Nation of Oklahoma …

Stomp Dance

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Britteny Cuevas
Muscogee (Creek) Nation …

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