Family Fun

Fun Ways to Move with your Family

Children need 60 minutes or more of physical activity each day to help prevent type 2 diabetes and you play an important role in helping them stay active. Kids learn to be active by watching parents, Elders and other family members and friends. Show your child how much you care about their health by being an active role model. Ask your child to go outside and play with you instead of watching TV, playing video or computer games. Any moving activity is better than none.

Try some of these wallet-friendly, easy and fun ways to get moving with your family.

Housework Help!

Ask your child to sweep the floor, vacuum or dust. Make chore time fun and see who can fold clothes and put them away the fastest

Walk and Seek!

Ask your child to help you find the greenest leaf in your yard or neighborhood. Go to the park and look for flowers, bugs, fun-shaped clouds or take your child on an evening frog walk. You are sure to find frogs near streetlights.

Ready, Set, Go!

Take any chance to challenge your child to a race. You can race from one streetlight to the next, race to your car or a tree in your yard

Dance Time!

Turn on some upbeat music. Show your child your best dance moves. Ask them to try out some of your moves. Make it a contest to see who has the best moves. If you need some kid-friendly music ideas, visit this site to find some fun songs with healthy messages that you can dance to with your child.

Fun and Easy!

Write each of these activities on a small piece of paper: 30 jumping jacks, 15 sit-ups, bend and touch your toes 10 times, run in place for 30 seconds, go on a walk. Fold each and put it in a bowl. Let your child pick out a square each day and try the activity together. Think of more activities you can do each week and add them to your bowl. 


Ask your child to remind you to do a moving activity each day. Your child’s future health depends on you.

Tradition Counts!

Traditional games like stickball and chunky are great ways to stay healthy and share stories about our ancestors.  Making recipes with healthy traditional foods as is a great way to make memories and stay healthy for a lifetime.  When making recipes with healthy traditional foods, add some activity to your time in the kitchen.  Put on some music and wiggle your hips while you stir or lunge your way across the kitchen while you gather ingredients.

Mix it Up!

Take time to visit websites to find fun activities for your family. Visit and We’ll post more ideas on this site, so be sure to come back and see what fun we have in store for you and your family!